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Fleet 18 was founded by the late Glenn Taylor in the 70s and has ever since been dedicated to the promotion of windsurfing regattas in the San Francisco Bay Area.

During the summer months (April through September) we meet every Tuesday evening on the Ryan Lagoon in Foster City (off Shell Blvd, next to the Foster City Skate Park) for 3 to 4 races on olympic triangle courses in the main lagoon with the first race starting at 6PM.

Visit the Fleet 18 home page for more information.

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  1. 3rd Ave (Baywinds) Boardsailing Community:
    Potential impacts on 3rd Ave users as a result of the Foster City Levee Project
    (19 Feb 2021)

    In a desire for our community to speak and lobby as a unified body, a small (10 member) working group was created that spans 3rd Ave Boardsailing (kiting, windsurfing, winging, windsurf foiling) and Kayaking groups with Mandi Browning, Steve Gunn and Mark Tischler acting as our interface with the City, Project Design Engineer, and Contractors.

    What We Know:
    1) Ingress/egress by all boardsailors around Baywinds will be maintained during our “prime wind season” March-Oct/Nov
    2) The Bay Trail from approximately the north end of the lower launch rigging area (“lower kite beach”) and around Baywinds to the start of the Mariner’s parking lot will remain open except for short intervals when there is construction in this area
    3) The Baywinds parking lot will remain open during the entire Levee Project. However, dirt road (Caltrans right of Way) will be closed starting in May 2021

    What we are working on:
    1) Maintaining ingress/egress by all boardsailors around Baywinds and bay trail access during our “off season” Oct/Nov-March
    2) There will be significant work at the windsurfing ramp launch at the tanks. We are involved in the redesign to ensure it will remain windsurfing friendly
    3) Maintain safe access from the rigging area at the point and from Mariner’s Island Golf Range parking lot to the upper launch
    4) Create a safe Emergency egress at Inktomi (last chance beach) in order to get the user and equipment safely out of the construction zone
    5) Create a safe egress at Shell Beach at Marlin Ave on Beach Park Blvd. for outriggers/kayakers and their equipment through the construction zone
    6) Scheduling Spring Safety Conference: Develop communication plan to receive updates on the construction project and to keep the boardsailing community informed with notice of construction activities, safety information/flyers/posters with tides, emergency numbers, safety recommendation

    If you have specific concerns/questions, please reach out to the representative for your sport:
    Kiting: Mandi Browning – mandibrowning71@gmail.com
    Windsurfing: Owain Chilton – owain.chilton@gmail.com
    Winging: Anthony Del Balso – anthony.delbalso@gmail.com
    Windsurf foiling: James Van – vansurfsports@gmail.com
    Kayaking: Vineet Buch – vineet.buch@gmail.com

    This is the first many updates that will continue to be posted at 3rd Ave Kiteboarding. Please encourage everyone to continue to check back for the most current status. Other media, groups, and emails may also be used.

    The Tiger Team is working hard to advocate your needs by meeting regularly to review concerns and communicate with the Foster City Levee project leadership. We have been very pleased to date with the receptibility to our concerns and to ensure access during the 3yr construction period.

    Thanks to the entire community for your patience and support!

    Note: Access to the Foster City Lagoon system will NOT be impacted by this work.

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