Tuesday Night Races

Join us for our weekly races on the Ryan Lagoon in Foster City during the Sommer months (April through September).

We are a small number of windsurfing enthusiasts enjoying bouy racing on as-close-as-possible-to-one-design windsurfers (see ‘Equipment’ post).

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  1. We had a pleasant evening of racing even though the skies were overcast. The winds were light and shifty making for interesting racing. Rolf was on form and won the first two heats. This is the first time that Brad has not been battling for the lead in the Windsurfer LT. We are not sure if he was having an off day or if the light conditions favored the SuperLight board and Kona sail combination. Keith, and Ward were battling it out in the pack with some neck and neck finishes. In the final race Rolf passed Ward with only a few feet to go but was not able to make up the difference on Owain who took the final heat.

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